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Project Description
Rounded Group Box - A Grouping control with Rounded Corners, Gradients, and Drop Shadow

I created this control due to a lack of good grouping controls in Visual Studio. I was tired of the usual single line frame control that's been around for years so I came up with this replacement. The standard Label control also lacks the ability to change the border color so this is an excellent replacement when you need to spice up a page.

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The RoundedGroupBox supports many properties to adjust the Visual layout...

BackgroundColor / BackgroundColorGradient - These properties allows you to create a gradient pattern inside the frame by blending one color to the other.
BackgroundGradientMode - Sets the type of gradient to use (Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, None)
Caption - The text to appear in the caption area
CaptionAlignment - Set the Justification of the caption text (Left, Right, Center)
Corners - This property allows you so specify which corners to round. You can specify any variation you like or turn them off to simulate a label control.
CornerRadius - Set the size of the corner radius
CaptionBackColor - Sets the background color of the caption bar. Set it to transparent to let the background show.
CaptionHeight - Sets the height of the caption bar
CaptionVisible - Shows or hides the caption bar
DropShadowThickness - The thickness of the drop shadow
DropShadowVisible - Shows or hides the drop shadow

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